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Through our travels we all get to learn about other countries currencies. It is always difficult (if you travel a lot) to try and keep all he exchange rates in your head, especially when deciding how much money you want to spend. If you are not used to the currency, it may well feel like spending monopoly money.

The currency of interest here is the Swiss franc. This is the official currency of both Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is the only extant variant of the franc that is used and issued in Europe, making it somewhat unique.

Before joining the Euro system of currency, France had also used another variant of the franc, called the French franc.

Though Switzerland may not be part of the EU their currency, the Swiss franc (also denoted as CHF) is recognised and coheres with both the financial and the economical practices. This has resulted in the Swiss franc being able to compete internationally, even against the Euro. Since the financial institutions in Switzerland are very strong and the Swiss franc can compete well internationally, the currency is still alive and yet to be replaced by the Euro.

Internationally, the Swiss franc is ranked either 5th or 6th, making it a contender even for other currencies, such as the US dollar. In 2010 the difference between the Swiss franc and the US dollar was 0.967 CHF to $1 USD.

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